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Over the centuries, decades and millennia we have done much to devastate our natural environment. It's time to set that right and we are trying... truly we are.

However, is it too late? Is the extensive damage irreversible? In time, we will all know the answer to those questions. We must all do our part by cleaning our polluted air and water. We must stop depleting the ozone and stop the destruction of natural habitats and rainforests. We have driven many species to the brink of extinction and we must stop the slaughter of wildlife for profit and gain. Together we can make a difference but we must start now!

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Please be sure to take the plaque below for your webpage and help spread the word that "Extinction is Forever". When you install the plaque on your site, invite your visitors to take the plaque and place it on their site. If your site is a no-right-click zone, then please link the plaque to: so they can get one from here. Thank you for visiting today and I hope to see you again soon.

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